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AmpJuke FAQ: Frequently asked questions

The FAQ is divided into various sections covering specific areas in relation to AmpJuke.
You should be able to find information about almost any topic in relation to AmpJuke in the sections below. To view a section, just click on one of the headlines or use the link after the description of a given section.



Topics related entirely to installation. Although there's a detailed installation example available, you might have unanswered questions in relation to permissions, platforms etc. Click here to view this topic.



After installation - or perhaps after you've enjoyed AmpJuke for a while - there might be questions about how to tweak some settings in AmpJuke. The configuration section primarily covers topics found on the system-wide configuration page (login -> "Welcome" page -> Configuration...).

Click here to read more about the configuration options.


Using AmpJuke

You might wonder what favorite lists are about (and how to automatically populate them with tracks). You might also wonder why you get permission errors when doing a scan+import. This section has the answers!

Click here.


Personal settings

Personal settings allows each user to alter his/her own personal settings ( in many ways. For example changing the theme, setting up automatic play, how to send listening statistics to, browse albums by covers and much, much more! Please note that depending on the system-wide configuration, not all personal options might be accessible/visible when inspecting/changing personal settings.

Click here to find out more about personal settings.



There might be general questions that don't fit into any of the sections above. This part of the AmpJuke FAQ covers topics such as what AmpJuke costs, technical informations/explanations and other "general" stuff.

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