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FAQ: Configuration

How do I configure the screensaver ?

How do I configure jukebox mode in AmpJuke ? 

What are the recommended settings for the jukebox user ?

How do I configure Echonest in AmpJuke ?

Are there some configuration examples of Echonest parameters ? 

What are visual effects about ?

How does user registration and login options work ?

What is Allow personal setting "Suggest favorites based on tags" ?

What is: Allow... "Add tracks to favorite lists automatically" ?

How do I configure transcoding (aka. downsampling) ?

What's 'Related performers' and how do I configure it ?

What is "Scan metadata" about ?

What is 'Hide "Keep me signed in"' about ?

What's the "Special extensions" (m4a/mp4) about ?

I have changed something in AmpJuke, can i get support ?

Do I have to expose my music on the webserver ?

What's the "forbidden" characters about ?

How do I add more icons ?

How do I configure 'download' ?

How do I configure 'upload' ?

How can I send listening statistics to ?

What's blocking IP-addresses about ?

How do I configure retrieval of lyrics for individual tracks ?

What are the options in "Scan music" about ?

What is "Now playing" and how do I configure it ?

What's retrieve and display biographies about ?

Can AmpJuke fetch covers for my albums ?

What is "Flash player" and how is it configured ?

What is the setting "Allow shared favorites about" ?