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When playing music nothing happens, why ?

Some suggestions:

1. Permissions: CHMOD the "tmp" directory to 777 where AmpJuke is installed.
Also, check that you have CHMOD the db*.* files to 777.
Finally, you (or: the 'web-user') should have write persmission to the directory where AmpJuke is installed, - a check is made during installation.
These checks are made during installation, but you might have bypassed them somehow...

2. Dumb (but extremely relevant) question: is your pop-up blocker preventing AmpJuke from using pop-ups ?
A pop-up blocker denying your AmpJuke box to show pop-ups, will most certainly prevent music from being played.
Set/change your settings to allow popups from f.ex. "http://www.your-ampjuke-server.org".

3. Wrong combo of media-player and music-format: You might try to listen to an m4a-file using XMMS, or another combination of music-format vs. media-player that cannot be played.
Read more here.

4. Twilight zone: Something went wrong during installation.
It might help to have an example/walkthrough of an AmpJuke installation available.
You can find one in the detailed installation example.