Upload or download of music can be made available for individual users. Just select who can (and who cannot) upload and/or download. Read more.


How do I configure 'download' ?

The 'Download & compress' consists of three related parameters:

Keep extensions...:
This setting basically determines if music that's being streamed/downloaded should include extension (aka. filetype) or not.

If set to on (checked), a track name you download/stream will look like: "track name - performer [album].extension" where "extension" f.ex. can be ".mp3", ".ogg", whatever.

If you don't check this setting the music you download, will look like: "track name - performer [album]".

Location of "tar"...:
This is a setting that controls where the 'tar' command is located (usually in /bin/tar) on the filesystem.

When downloading multiple tracks (f.ex. an album), the 'tar' command is used to compress the tracks about to be downloaded into one (big) file, which is then transmitted in a download.

In order to be able to process the download, it's necessary to specify where 'tar' is located (using an absolute path), - on most (all?) Linux/Unix systems, 'tar' normally lives within /bin, so this parameter will normally look like this: /bin/tar -cf.

When downloading one track, do not compress:
If selected (checked), there will be no compression using the 'tar' command, when downloading just one track.

When not selected (checked), the 'tar' command, will be used, even when downloading just one track.

It is possible to "filter" who can (and who can't) download stuff, - for more information see this FAQ-entry.