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How do I use Random Play ?

Random play is a relatively strong feature in AmpJuke.

Besides enabling the user to listen to tracks picked by random (surprise!), random play also allows for various criterias to be used in order to pick the "right" random tracks..

Setting up random play is done by logging in and selecting "Random play" in the menu to the left.

The user is then presented with some options, as follows:



Play tracks from: Can be used to specify a specific favorite list to pick tracks from. Shared favorite lists can also be used, if enabled (see below). Another option is to just pick tracks by random based on all tracks.



Number of tracks to select ... or a maximum duration of ... minutes: Allows to enter a number of tracks to be selected by random or a maximum duration of a spcific number of minutes.

If - for example - "number of tracks..." is set to 1000, but "maximum duration" is given a value of 60 (minutes), then the real number of tracks picked for random play will only be what's possible within the "maximum duration" timelimit.


Another example: "number of tracks" is set to 10 and "maximum duration" is set to 120 (two hours), then the real number of tracks picked will most likely be 10.


In other words: Whatever comes first will be the deciding factor about how many tracks actually will be picked by random.

Note: "Number of tracks" must always be set. The "maximum duration" can be set. If "maximum duration" is set to 0, it will not be used to limit the number of tracks selected.



"Give priority to...":

The "Give priority to..." setting allows for a more "fair" selection of tracks.

Assume you have a huge favorite list that you occasionally play tracks from on a random basis.
You can now set up a "priority criteria" for random selection of tracks from that list, if you want to have some kind of rotation enabled when you listen to music from that particular list.

Basically, you can set the "Give priority to..." to one of five settings, as follows:

- No priority (the default selection: three -'s) -> Do as usual / no priority.
- "Least played tracks" -> Give priority to tracks that have not been played "many times" (compared to other tracks in the same list).
- "Most played tracks" -> The opposite: A track that has been played often (compared to other tracks in the same list) is more likely to be played.
- "Tracks not played recently" -> A track that has been played "some time ago" (compared to other tracks in the same list) is more likely to be played.
- "Tracks played recently" -> The later (compared to other tracks in the same list) a given track has been played, the more likely it will be picked again.

So you can actually apply a kind of rotation for huge favorite lists (or your entire music collection), based on one of the four criteries mentioned above.

The last setting ("Also use this setting...") will only show if you have enabled "Automatic play" within your personal settings (see below).
If checked, the same "priority criteria" will be used for the "Automatic play".




Avoid selection of tracks played within the last ... days: As this setting indicates, it's another filter that can be used when setting up random play.

By entering a number in this field, AmpJuke will not pick tracks that have been played for the number of days entered.


If you're OK with the fact that a track you listened to yesterday might be picked (again) today, leave this setting at 0.

If not, any number is acceptable - the bigger the longer in the past will be the "target" for picking tracks by random.



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