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What's the "Ask for name of favoritelist every time" setting about ?
What it is:
In AmpJuke, you have several different options in relation to adding a track, a performer and/or an album to one or more favorite lists.
The setting "Ask for name of favoritelist every time" controls what should happen when you click "Add to favorite..." somewhere.

How it works:
You can either enable (check) or disable this personal setting.

If left blank, you'll be using the 'old' way of adding a track/performer/album to a favorite list: You'll have to optionally create and then select the favorite list you wish to add something to.
This way you cannot pick an alternative favorite list when you click "Add to favorite..." somewhere.  The list you've chosen will be the list you add something to, until you pick a different favorite list.

If enabled (checked), a window will pop up with a drop-down menu showing your favorite lists each time you click "Add to favorite..." somewhere.
By selecting a favorite list from the menu, the 'item' (track, performer or album) will be added to the selected favorite list and the pop-up window will be closed.
If adding a track, a list of favorite lists the track is already in will be displayed offering you the option to remove the track from each list.
That way you can avoid adding a track more than one time to a specific favorite list, unless - of course - you have the personal setting "Avoid duplicate entries" turned on.

If you enable this personal setting, you might (depending on the configuration) also be able to see suggestions for 'good' favorite lists to add something to.
If you enable (check) the extra setting "Suggest favorites based on tags", these suggestions will be shown each time you want to add something to a favorite list.

Further information:
You can read more about favorite lists in general in this FAQ-entry.
There's also an explanation about how to add tracks to a favorite list based on one or several 'tags' (f.ex. 80s, blues, rock and so on).

A (rather cool, in my opinion) personal setting allows you to add tracks to one or several favorite lists automatically.
For more information about adding tracks to favorite lists automatically, please see this FAQ-entry.