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Can I edit stuff (track names, performers, albums) ?

Yes, although there seems to be no option to do so...

You must do the following:

1. Login as a user with administrator rights.

2. Switch on the display of ID's. It's a personal setting - it can be turned on/off under "Settings" -> "Display ID numbers".

3. Locate the track you want to edit (or get rid of), f.ex. in the "Track" view and/or by searching.

4. Click on the id-number.

...this will take you to an "edit-mode" of the track, where you can change name, year, performer and/or transfer the track to/from an existing album.

Clicking on the ID-number will only edit+modify the stuff in the database, not what's in the tags on the filesystem.


Editing tags:

If you want to edit the actual tags found in the music tracks on the filesystem, it's also possible.

Provided permissions to read/write are OK on the actual file in question, a link ("Edit tags") will be shown next to a given track. If clicked, the user will be able to edit/inspect/change the tags in the music track itself.


After saving any files that have had their tags modified, it's necessary to run a new scan+import with "Re-process tracks found in database AND on the filesystem" and "Delete "dead" records" turned on.

More about scan+import here: http://www.ampjuke.org/index.php?id=faq55

Important: Before editing, It's important you know at least a little about the various ID3-tags (as well as understanding the difference between ID3v1 and ID3v2) can be found here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ID3