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How do I configure 'upload' ?

Upload can be controlled on a per-user basis, - more information about that (upload/download) can be found in this FAQ-entry.

When uploading tracks, they will be placed where other tracks in relation to AmpJuke are stored.
It's possible to specify a folder where uploaded tracks should be stored.
The folder can be changed from upload to upload.
If the folder doesn't exist, it will be created.

When uploading covers (introduced in 0.6.3), they will always be placed in AmpJuke's "covers" folder.

Configuring upload:
The upload-configuration basically consists of three parameters.
You either set/change them during installation or - later - by logging in as a user with administration rights (click "Configuration..." on the "Welcome" screen).

The three parameters are as follows:

Allow upload: When checking this, you will just allow music to be uploaded to your AmpJuke server.
Note that you (or somebody with administrator access) must still allow individual users to upload (click "User adm...." on the "Welcome" screen).
If you don't check this, no upload will be allowed - at least not through AmpJuke - and the two other parameters in relation to upload will not be relevant to set/change.

Max. number of files to upload each time: This setting (an integer) determines how many music tracks can be uploaded in one "go".
When a user, who is able to upload, clicks on "Upload" he/she will be presented with a form with a number of entries.
Within each entry, the user can click "Browse" and pick a local music track to be uploaded.
How many tracks that can be uploaded at once, is determined by "Max. number of files...".

After upload, CHMOD files to: If you're not so familiar with Unix/Linux, you might need to consult your favorite search engine about the chmod command.
Basically, what you need to put in here will be the permissions applied for a given track you upload through AmpJuke.
Permissions are applied after upload succeeds.
I won't give you a crash-course on CHMOD here, but rather let you investigate on your own, if you're interested.
Just a couple of examples:
Setting this to 777 will give rwx-permissions for all (owner,group,everybody else).
Setting this to 754 will give rwx-permission for the owner, rx-permission for the group and r-premission for everybody else).