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What is "Automatic play" about ?


"Automatic play" is a personal setting, that can be enabled/disabled under "Settings".
It actually consists of two settings: The first determines if music should start playing right after login.
The second setting tells what should happen after the last track has been streamed.
Let's take a closer look at the options:

Automatic play : After login
When enabled ("Automatic play" is checked), you must also specify a number of tracks to be picked well as where to pick the tracks from ("All tracks" or a specific favorite list).
The tracks are selected randomly.

If enabled, and the next time you login, the music will start playing automatically based on the two parameters.

Automatic play : After last track is played
When enabled ("Automatic play" is checked), you specify where to pick tracks.
Basically, four options are available: "All tracks", "Related performers" or a specific favorite list.


The fourth option "Similar tracks" is a relatively new feature in AmpJuke. Read more about it here.


If enabled, and when tracks selected by you have been played, AmpJuke will start picking tracks randomly until you stop/quit the program you're using to listen to music.

In other words: AmpJuke can continue playing music, even when you don't queue/play more tracks.

Update: If AmpJuke - during Automatic play - picks a music track, that has a 'special extension', the track will not be played.

For more information about streaming music based on related performers please see this FAQ-entry.