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How do I add more icons ?

The icons supplied by default may not suit your taste and/or you might have access to some icons you want to use within AmpJuke.
Please note that not all icons are free to use ! If you do, you might actually steal the hard work of somebody else...

That being mentioned, here's what to do in order to apply a new set of icons.

Before you start, the best way to get an idea of how to add new icons is to have a look at the existing icon sets.
Take a look at the contents of "icon_ref.txt" and each folder beneath the "ampjukeicons" folder.
Then follow the below mentioned sequence of steps, - it might sound difficult, but it's actually quite simple:

1. Edit icon_ref.txt.
The file "icon_ref.txt" is found in the folder "ampjukeicons" witin the folder where AmpJuke is installed.
It's a basic textfile that describes where icon packs are found.
The format of each entry is:
"directory";"Name/description of icons".

If you f.ex. place your new icons within a folder called "my_cool_icons" in "ampjukeicons" and your description is "Michael's Cool icons (GIF-format)", add an entry to "icon_ref.txt" saying:
my_cool_icons;Michael's Cool icons (GIF-format)
Note the semicolon (";") between the folder name and the description (look at the other entries in "icon_ref.txt" to get the idea).
Save "icon_ref.txt" and on to the next step.

2. Add icons to the folder.
Obviously, the icons must be present in order to be shown !
Copy/transfer the icons you want to use to the folder in question.

We assume that "my_cool_icons" exists based on the example above, so it's actually just a matter of copying the icons you want to use to that folder.

3. Add a file: "icon_index.php" to the folder.
Within each folder containing icons, there must be a PHP file called "icon_index.php".
This file actually "describes" what icon should be picked when requested by AmpJuke.
The easiest way to start off would be to copy an "icon_index.php" from one of the other folders containing icons to the folder you've picked as the folder for your (new) icons.

If you f.ex. have a "my_cool_icons" folder created within "ampjukeicons", you might copy "icon_index.php" from one of the other folders.

4. Edit icon_index.php.
The file "icon_index.php" is a (really) basic control of what icon will be displayed, depending on what's being requested by AmpJuke.
Each entry looks like this:
case 'something': $icon='filename_of_icon_to_return'; break;

Change each entry, so the $icon actually returns something that's present within the folder, - f.ex.:
case 'menu_track': $icon='tracklist.jpg'; break;

The only thing that's required is that "tracklist.jpg" exists in the same folder as "icon_index.php".

5. Make sure icon_ref.txt, the new folder, icon_index.php and all icons are readable by the webserver.
If you have the "my_cool_icons" folder, the "icon_index.php" file within that folder, and a bunch of icons within "my_cool_icons", make sure that everything is at least readable by the webserver.

Once everything is in place you and other users on your box can select/use/see the new icons that you just added.
This is a personal setting, which is found in "Settings" in the menu on the left side.