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How does AmpJuke stream music based on "related" performers ?

Short answer: Similar to
If you're not familiar with the basic idea is that you sign up, enter a performer/artist, and will play music based on that performer and/or a related performer.

Would be great to be able to stream/play music in AmpJuke based on related performers from your own music collection, right ?

Fortunately, the good folks at supplies an extremely brilliant webservice that makes it possible to play music from related performers in AmpJuke !

Here's the deal:
During installation (or maybe later) you key in values/thresholds for related performers.
This is used to show related performers when displaying a certain performer.
Of course, only related performers that exists within your own music collection will be diplayed.
The big advantage is that you don't have to make these "relationships", since it's already sorted out (using the webservice from

In AmpJuke you can - besides displaying - also play music from related performers based on the webservice.

This is done by selecting "Related performers" (might be other words in your language) in your personal settings under "Automatic play" (see this FAQ-entry).

When the last track selected by you have been streamed, AmpJuke will pick a track - by random.
Once that track has been played, a related performer will be selected (again: by random), - and so on until you quit or perhaps select something else to play.
Only related performers that exists in your own music collection and meet the threshold criteria will be selected.

The big advantage is - as mentioned above - that you don't have to create "relationships" between you performers, because those "relationships" already exists using's webservice, and have been included in AmpJuke.

If you music collection doesn't have a related performer, or you run a tight ship in terms of threshold parameters a track will be picked by random.