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What's retrieve and display biographies about ?


What it is:

Unleash some fancy stuff in AmpJuke with just one click!


You can have AmpJuke retrieve, store (in the database), and display biographies for performers as well as albums. Automatically.
In other words: You (and other users of your AmpJuke box) can read interesing (?) biographies for performers and albums.


How it's configured:
If you check (enable) "Retrieve and display biographies" on the site configuration page (Login -> Configuration -> Miscellaneous options), AmpJuke will first retrieve a biography for the album/performer in question, then - if a biography is found - store it in the database, and finally show the bio every time somebody displays the performer or album that the bio belongs to.

This functionality is possible by using a webservice provided by the good people at (and countless hours of coding+debugging in AmpJuke, naturally!).

Should a biography already exist in the database it will be displayed, however there's an option to "refresh" the biography as well (only for users with adminsitrator access).
When "refreshing" a new request is made against's webservice in order to try and obtain a new biography for the performer or album in question.

When displaying a bio, there's an option - "Edit bio" - that enables administrators to edit the existing biography for any album/performer.