Want a simple 'screensaver' in your browser with images of albums or artist/performer ? Read more.


How does "Browse performers by pictures" work ?

Enable (check) "Browse performers by pictures" in your personal settings, to change the appearance of how images from performers is displayed.
Rather than displaying a plain list of performers, each performer will be displayed using the a picture of each performer.

To take full advantage of this functionality you, or the administrator, should enable and configure retrieval of pictures of related performers using the webservice from last.fm . More about related performers here.

If checked (enabled), each page of performers will be displayed in rows (5 performers per row).
The total number of performer images per page is determined by this setting.

Note that enabling the stuff from last.fm also makes it possible to stream/play music based on related performers.
Personally I consider this to be a very strong feature within AmpJuke. More info. about it here.