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Are there any limitations when enabling the flash player ?

Short answer: Maybe, if any of the following is important to you.

By enabling and using the built-in flash player in AmpJuke, there are some things to consider.
Both for users and administrators.

If enabled, either by an individual user or if the administrator decides the flash player is the only player that can be used, there will be some limitations when activating/using the built-in flash player:

- "Now playing" will be disabled (more information here).

- Track-statistics are updated before the entire track has been streamed (i.e. the play-count is incremented before streaming a given track is completed).
If submitting listening statistics about tracks played to last.fm, then that is also done before streaming ends.
Normal method is updating statistics after streaming a track.

- Some types of music may not play using the flash player (f.ex. wma).

- "Automatic play" is disabled (more information here).

- A browser-plugin must be installed before being used to listen to music. This is in almost all circumstances the case, but in some cases the plugin must be installed (see http://www.adobe.com/products/flashplayer/).