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What is "Flash player" and how is it configured ?

What it is:
AmpJuke contains a built-in flash player that can be activated if/when needed.
Once activated, the administrator has an option to configure the actual behavior of the flash player
For example, it's possible to force all users to use the flash player exclusively when listening to music, or let each user decide for themselves if they want to use the flash player or not.


It's relatively easy to configure and enable the falsh player, - just login as a user with administrator access and click "Configuration" on the "Welcome" page, then expand the section "Flash player":

Enable flash player: If enabled (checked), the flash player is activated.
Furthermore, there will be an option for each user in his/her personal settings to enable/disable the use of the flash player - more about that here.
If you disable (uncheck) this setting, the next parameter is ignored.

Exclusively use flash player to play music: If enabled (checked), you're actually forcing every user to use the flash player to listen to music.
Every time any given user wants to listen to something, the flash player is used.
In other words: When enabled, there will not be an option for each user to decide if they want to use the flash player (see above), and each user will not have to deal with "normal" media players (WMP, WinAmp, XMMS, VLC, Totem etc.etc.) vs. AmpJuke, - since the flash player is always chosen.

Important note: Enabling the flash player - either as an option or exclusively (forced) - has some impact on other functionality. You might consider these sideeffects...
More about that can be found in this FAQ-entry.