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What is "Scan metadata" about ?


What it is:
Rather than looking up and automatically download covers for albums and images of performers "on request", you (or the administrator) can initiate a "scan" for these "metadata", so all images are stored and available locally on the AmpJuke server before being requested.

The automatic download process of album covers and performer images is referred to as "Scan metadata".

How it works:
When "Scan metadata" is started, AmpJuke attempts to find a cover for all albums in the database.
The same applies to all performers in the database.
If no cover or performer picture is found on the local AmpJuke server, a search is made using Google and - if a suitable result is found, the image is stored.

Each album cover/performer image is retrieved using the search results and the best album cover or performer image to be used is determined using a "highscore" algorithm within AmpJuke.


Show details during scan+import: Is similar to the same setting used when doing a "Scan music".
Select the detail level that suits your preference.

Simulate import (don't change/alter anything): Aka. the option for sissies... Use it to simulate a "Scan metadata" operation.
Everything will happen like a normal scan, but nothing will actually be stored.

Album and performer options.


Actually two different sections.

However, the settings for each section are basically the same - the only difference is if we're dealing with automatic download of album covers or performer images.
The parameters are explained below using "Album options" as example.

Get album images: If checked, album images will be downloaded automatically, stored on the local AmpJuke server, and displayed later.
If this setting is left unchecked, no album images will be auto-downloaded.


If no cover image is found, use a blank one: If checked, and if no album cover was found within the search results, a "blank" cover is used instead.
Doing this will avoid searches for the same cover at a later time.

Delete album images without a reference: If checked, and if a cover is found on the local AmpJuke server that doesn't reference an album in the database, the file will be deleted.

Please note that album covers and performer images fetched automatically are used extensively in various parts of AmpJuke.
For example when users have any of the personal settings "Display small images", "Browse albums by cover" and/or "Browse performers by picture" turned on.