Favorite lists can be populated with tracks automatically. Either when listening to music and/or immediately based on one or several keywords (tags). Read more.


What is "Add tracks to favorite lists automatically" ?

What it is:
If enabled, you'll see a personal setting named "Add tracks to favorite lists automatically".

The setting controls how you'll add tracks you're listening to to one or more favorite lists.

How it works:
If you enable (check) "Add tracks to favorite lists automatically" in your personal settings, a track will automatically be added to one or several personal favorite lists each time that track is being streamed/played.
This functionality relies on a webservice from last.fm (and countless hours of coding in AmpJuke, naturally!).

How it's configured:

Enable (check) "Add tracks to favorite lists automatically" and consider the other two settings in relation to this:


"Create new favorite lists automatically": If enabled (checked), a new personal favorite list will be created if it isn't available already.

An example: You stream a track that's supposed to be added to two favorite lists: "80s" and "Rock".

If "80s" already exists the track will be added to the list. If "Rock" doesn'y exist, the favorite list "Rock" will be created and the track will be added to that list as well.

Assuming "Create new favorite lists automatically" wasn't checked in the previously example, the tracks would only be added to "80s" since "Rock" doesn't exist.


"Prefix": Is optional. Enter some text to have tracks added automatically to favorite lists with a prefix in the name.

Using the above mentioned example, and assuming that "prefix" is set to "auto_added_", it means that the track streamed would be added to "auto_added_80s" and (optionally) "auto_added_rock".


So, enable the above mentioned personal setting, optionally check "Create new..." as well as optionally set a prefix, tune in and listen to music streamed from your AmpJuke box, and your favorite lists will start to build up automatically!


Tip: Enable the personal setting "Avoid duplicate entries" in order to avoid a huge number of identical tracks in a given favorite list. More here.