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What's this Echonest API in AmpJuke ?



First and foremost: I haven't signed up to promote the Echonest in any way, - but their API is simply brilliant!

I obtained and API-key and you should seriously consider doing the same after reading the rest of this FAQ-entry (and perhaps the links below).



Here's why: With the Echonest feature enabled, AmpJuke takes a huge leap towards the ultimate experience of listening to your music. The Echonest feature actually ‘identifies’ the song you are playing – analyses the sound, dynamics, and rhythmic aspects among other things.


Actually, the previous sentence was chopped (and modified, naturally) from a sales pitch for the BeoSound 5 Encore flagship product from Bang & Olufsen ( view it here). But it quite well outlines what you can expect when enabling Echonest in AmpJuke!


Well, I don't have the funds available currently (if ever) to purchase a BeoSound 5 Encore (tends to be a bit pricey), and I'm also a huge fan of enabling "tweaking"/adjustment of parameters for something like this. So I went for a similar level of functionality, almost, as the one found in BeoSound 5 Encore, - and possibly a lot of other hardware/software as well.

However, enabling something like the above mentioned only requires AmpJuke and an API-key from the Echonest. It suits my budget a little better :)



What to do from here.

Assuming you're stille curious, here's what you might want to do next:


Download and install AmpJuke.


Sign up for an API-key at the Echonest.


Read/learn more below...



Other documentation related to the Echonest API in AmpJuke:

What it is (this doc.).

How to configure.

Configuration examples.

The "mechanics".


Improved listening experience.