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What is "jukebox mode" in AmpJuke ?

Short answer: Your own online radio station - or jukebox - where all users listens to the same music stream and (optionally) can request songs to be played!



Users who wants to listen connects their media player (VLC, Media Player etc.) to the "frontend streamer" in order to listen.

Requesting music, however, is done using AmpJuke.


Also - and this is perhaps the most important point - with jukebox mode enabled, AmpJuke no longer handles the stream, but will rather relay the music stream to another "frontend streamer" (f.ex. VLC).



When enabling jukebox mode in AmpJuke there's a number of configuration options that can be adjusted. This collection of FAQ-pages deals with that. 


Don't worry - there's plenty of documentation to get you started as smooth as possible with your own online jukebox.



Documents related to AmpJuke's jukebox mode can be found here:

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