Can't decide what to listen to right after logging in ? Setup automatic play in your personal settings and right after you hit "Submit" on the login page the music will start playing. Read more.


What are the recommended settings for the jukebox user ?

In order to get AmpJuke running in jukebox mode, it's recommended to have a specific user account created for that purpose.

...or use an existing user with the correct settings in order to make AmpJuke running in juekbox mode without any problems.


This FAQ-entry will outline the settings that should be set to meet the requirement for operating AmpJuke in jukebox mode.



Assume you have created a user account for the sole purpose of serving as the jukebox user (the username entered in the configuration of the jukebox), - here's what should be activated/enabled (and what shouldn't).

Everything referred to below is taken from the personal settings.



When a track is selected: Play it immediately (more here).


Use flash player to listen to music: Should be off (unchecked). More here.


Display what is being played: Should be off (unchekced). More here.


Automatic play : After last track is played: Should be ON (checked). This is important. More here.


Submit streamed tracks to It's a matter of taste/preference to have this on or off. If you leave this on (checked) together with a username and -password, every track played in jukebox mode will be submitted and show up on the page for the username. On (checked) of off (unchecked): It's your choice. More here.


Also avoid transcoding/downsampling. To be honest, I haven't tested that, - I guess there's a 50-50 chance it will work.


That's it! The settings mentioned above are the most important to check/verify for your "jukebox user".


Note that other personal settings such as theme, language, items/page etc.etc. are (still) personal settings that will be used for each user when he/she logs in.



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