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How can I connect to a jukebox stream over a LAN ? 

Assuming you already have configured AmpJuke in jukebox mode and have setup streaming (and it's running), you can boot another computer, open the media player and start listening to the music stream right away.


It's fairly easy, really.


I'll show you how using Windows Media Player, - you might try it out using the (better, in my opinion) alternatives - f.ex. VLC.


The screenshots below are from a Danish version of Windows Media Player. I'm sure you'll be able to find the similar menus on a computer running a different language.


Boot the computer, start Windows Media Player, select File -> Open URL-address (Ctrl+U):

Window$ Media Player



Enter the URL-address of the computer sending the music stream (the one we've configured in the previous example, remember?).


It's on the format: http://<IP-address-or-hostname>:<portnumber>/<name-of-stream>.

In this example it's

Enter the URL of the AmpJuke music stream "OK", wait a couple of seconds, and the music will (should) start playing.



As an alternative to the above mentioned procedure - and if you have configured a link to be displayed on the "welcome" page - you could also just login using a browser and click on the link. 



When users requests tracks, the queue will be the place to look for completed (they've been "scratched" on the list) as well as outstanding/pending requests. It's also possible to see who requested a given track.

See this example:

The queue when running AmpJuke in jukebox mode

Note: In the screenshot above, you can see that two users - "rlc" and "mhi" - have requested music to be played. If you configured jukebox mode to handle 5 requests every 60 minutes, this would have the effect that "rlc" can request one more track before being forced to wait ("rlc" has 4 requests in the queue: 1 was played earlier and 3 are waiting to be played). For the user "mhi", it's possible to request two more tracks before being forced to wait ("mhi" has 3 requests in the queue, 2 was played earlier and 1 is waiting to be played).




Finally, some advice:

Running AmpJuke in jukebox mode will test the "persistance" (for the lack of a better word) of your network as well as the computers that hooks up to the music stream.

Some older computers can't handle the constant stream and will just stop playing.

Some media players (Microsoft - I'm looking at you) tends to be more "fragile" when it comes to handling/playing the music stream coming out of AmpJuke running in jukebox mode.


Bonus-question: Is it possible to connect to the music stream over the Internet (WAN) as well ?

Short answer: Yes.

However, that requires some additional port-forwarding on your router as well as either a "real" hostname and/or a global IP-address.

It's a little bit beyond this guide to outline all the details about that, since it depends on your router, the quality/bandwidth of your Internet connection etc.


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