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AmpJuke installation example

This example is from a real-life installation of AmpJuke version 0.8.8.

Let's start off with this situation:

- In this example, we assume your webserver is called www.my-ampjuke-server.org.

- The webserver's "doc_root" is set to /var/www. We assume you have the program files located in /var/www/ampjuke-0.8.8 (if you're using a shared server - f.ex. from an ISP - the path may look different). 

- Your music is stored in several folders starting from /mnt/usb/my_music and beyond that directory.
Note that's outside the "doc_root" mentioned above, so your precious music will not be "visible" for outsiders to retrieve/download.

- You configured and has full access to MySQL (that is: you have a username and -password that enables you to drop/create databases as well as tables).


AmpJuke installation. Step 1 of 9: Start off

Open your favorite browser and point it to: http://www.my-ampjuke-server.org/ampjuke-0.8.8

If all checks are OK, you should see this:

This brings us to the end of this installation example. Hope it helped you out, if you had issues during installation !

After a while (or perhaps right after installation), you might want to customize your AmpJuke installation.

The FAQ contains lots of information about that, for example:
- Enable "on-the-fly" auto-download covers for albums: http://www.ampjuke.org/?id=faq74...
...and/or auto-download album covers and images of artists/performers for the entire collection: http://www.ampjuke.org/?id=faq77.



- Run AmpJuke in jukebox mode: http://www.ampjuke.org/?id=faq93


- Improve the listening experience by 'identifying' your music using the Echonest API: http://www.ampjuke.org/?id=faq87


- Enable the built-in flash player: http://www.ampjuke.org/?id=faq73.



- Show what's playing in a small area in the browser (AJAX stuff): http://www.ampjuke.org/id=faq42.



- Send listening statistics to your last.fm profile (or each user's own profile): http://www.ampjuke.org/?id=faq51.



- Automatically retrieve, store and display biographies for albums and performers: http://www.ampjuke.org/?id=faq57.



- Enable self-registration: http://www.ampjuke.org/?id=faq85.


...and much, much more...

So...why not download AmpJuke and give it a spin on your own box ?