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AmpJuke will run smooth and stream music perfectly even on fairly old hardware.

Please read the following as guidelines in relation to requirements:



Access to a Computer w. min. 500MB memory, and a CPU running not less than 800MHz.


Diskspace required by AmpJuke, plus downloaded images of performers/artists and albums is typically around 100MB for "metadata" for 10.000 tracks.


Add to that the actual diskspace consumed by your music collection. A typical album encoded in a decent quality typically consumes a little less than 100MB..



An installation of Linux/Unix. Virtually any distro will do.

(Note: Running AmpJuke on Windows - f.ex. using WAMP - might also work, but I'm NOT testing that with every release)


Apache (>2.2.x), MySQL (>5.0.xx) and PHP (>5.3.x). Versions below the mentioned might also work, but it is at your own risk, - especially in relation to PHP.


(Optional) an installation of LAME - in case you want to be able to do realtime transcoding/downsampling of the music.



Some real life facts...

I used to be a "Red Hat / Fedora kind of guy", but currently my music lives on a box that runs Linux Mint (a "derivative" of the popular Ubuntu).


The hardware is a standard Lenovo ThinkCentre 9702 with a 2.4GHz CPU, 4GB RAM and a 500GB harddrive. Not very impressive and not completely yesteryear - but adequate to get the job done!


I have a fibre-connection to the internet with a capacity around 15Mbit/sec in both up- and download.
This gives me (and potentially 20-30 others...) the freedom to enjoy music anywhere there's internet access.



At home I listen to music using a range of old/new PC's running different OS's (Debian, Ubuntu, Windows7) using various popular mediaplayers (VLC, WinAmp, XMMS, Media Player, Totem).
One PC is hooked up to the HIFI-equipment, which means I can use the AmpJuke server as a regular "CD-player"....with the huge advantage I don't have to sit and shuffle CD's and/or search endlessly in folders containing more than 10K tracks to find and play music...

At work I usually use my laptop.


When I want to impress friends and family, I demonstrate AmpJuke on whatever PC's they might have...



Finally, a friendly advice...

It is highly recommended you have tagged your music-files properly!

By "properly" I mean music that is tagged without too many spell-errors, empty fields within title/artist and so on (sidenote: If you're looking for something to inspect/edit/correct the tags on your MP3-music, I recommend Mp3tag).


When scanning and importing your music into the database, AmpJuke relies completely on whats in the tags in order to import the music-information into the MySQL-database.

If you're the administrator of AmpJuke, you can correct those spelling-errors etc. after scanning all your music, but its better to get it right the first time...




Still not scared ? Well, then take a look at some screenshots, or - even better - go straight to the online demo.