Improve the listening experience by activating access to the Echonest API in AmpJuke! The feature will ‘identify’ the song you are playing – analyse the tempo/bpm, danceability, and loudness levels among other things. Read more.


AmpJuke...and YOUR hits keep on coming!

Manage and stream your music online to several clients connected through a LAN and/or the internet.


Use Ampjuke in native mode: Each user listens to his/her choice of music. Individually.

...or let AmpJuke run as a regular jukebox or online radio station where all users listens to (and requests) the same music. Simultaneously.


Besides managing and streaming your music collection, AmpJuke can fetch album covers/images/lyrics automatically.

AmpJuke has several modules included that hooks up to various API's ( and the Echonest f.ex.), which takes care of this automatically.


AmpJuke performs well, - even on rather old/slow equipment.

If AmpJuke is unknown to you, then you might want to take a quick look at the features, the comprehensive documentation and/or the requirements.


The best ? AmpJuke is free ! (GPL license).

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30-09-2013: AmpJuke 0.8.7: Improvements

A little later compared to the yearly, earlier releases I'm proud to announce that AmpJuke version 0.8.7 is available for download. As seen in the changelog, this is a release with improvements in a lot of areas.

For starters, I've introduced a "you might also like" list of (similar) tracks when adding something to a favorite list, as seen in this example:

...this is something that relies on configuration and "fingerprinting" of your music collection using the Echonest API. There's a lot of math behind this, so please read the beforementioned FAQ-entry and - if anything is still unclear - write your question in the forum.


Talking about the Echonest API: If you have it configured on your own box, there's also an opportunity to search and build favorite lists consisting of tracks with more or less identical "fingerprint".


It's done using AmpJuke's advanced search, and enables you (or your users) to adjust one or several of the parameters (BPM-, Energy-, Year-range etc. or a combination) in order to search for "similar" tracks with more or less identical "fingerprint":



Besides that, a number of other improvments have been made - here's an example of a tracklist appearing when doing a "mouseover" on an album-image:


So - go ahead - download, install, and start enjoying hosting and streaming your own music - either as a personal service (every user listens to his/her own choices) or using the "jukebox mode" (every user listens to the same music).




23-08-2012: Community (forum) is finally online again

After a long time where the old forum was left in a state of limbo, I have finally found the time (and the code) to start a new community (forum).


You'll find a link to the community in the menu to the left, - or right here.


The old forum is still online as a kind of reference. If you've registered in the old forum, you need to register again. Sorry for the inconvenience. 




07-08-2012: AmpJuke 0.8.6: Want an online jukebox ?

Yes: Once again it's been a while (a whole year) since last release.

This also means that AmpJuke's online "age" incremented with one year. Happy Birthday, AmpJuke!


This release - version 0.8.6 - contains some exciting new functionality as well as the usual bunch of small improvements here&there.


A brief introduction to the most important things in AmpJuke 0.8.6:


AmpJuke as an online jukebox.

Up until this release, AmpJuke acted (more or less) as a personal streaming service, making it possible for each individual user to listen to whatever he/she prefers to listen to - individually.


With the new "jukebox mode", you can turn AmpJuke into a regular jukebox, where each individual user requests music to be played. All users listen to the same music - simultaneously.


Requests are placed in the queue and can also be viewed there:

The queue in jukebox mode

You can read more about running AmpJuke in jukebox mode in the FAQ.

The best place to start is here:



AmpJuke + the Echonest: Improving the listening experience.

If you're familiar with AmpJuke, you might know that most of the artist+album images and biographies comes from accessing various webservices (or API's), - mainly the webservice provided by


As I mentioned a year ago I "stumbled across an extremely interesting API".

This time the API/webservice is provided by the Echonest.

You can enable access to the Echonest API in order to take a huge leap towards improving the experience of listening to your music. The Echonest feature will ‘identify’ the song you are playing – analyse the tempo/bpm, danceability, and loudness levels among other things. 


That last sentence might have caught your interest, right ? Read more here:




A simple 'screensaver' is available. Naturally, it only runs within the browser where AmpJuke is running:


Imagine something like this running as a "front end" to a computer/client accessing AmpJuke running in jukebox mode....


If you want to know more about how to enable+configure the screensaver, take a look at this FAQ-entry:



Alternative scan+music management.
By Marc Apgar - THANKS!

Marc's got a rather big music collection and wanted a little bit more control of the scan routine compared to what's offered out-of-the-box in AmpJuke. 

You will find this new feature/tool in the admin panel on the left side on the "Welcome" page.
The tool is included "as is" as I haven't really had the time to look close into it.


Bye bye Bing!  

Sometimes I get just a little tired of Microsoft...'s another reason:

Recently, Microsoft decided to (almost) pull the plug on free usage of the API in relation to Bing! 

Unless - of course - you want to pay real $$ to get access to their webservice (API). Guess Microsoft is of the impression that that's a great offer.
I don't think so. 


So I flushed the countless hours of coding against the Bing webservice down the drain and turned to for artist/performer images.



That's it! I bet your computer mouse is already looking for a download link and installation instructions!

Well - go ahead - don't let me keep you waiting.





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