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Registration of new accounts in this forum

Postby Michael on 28-03-2011 14:22

Registration on this forum has recently been changed.
Rather than having new users register+active themselves, registration is still possible in the future.
However, activation is done by me...

The reason is - of course - the huge amount of bots being able to do a "neat" self-registration and then immediately posting stuff for things that certainly not are related to AmpJuke in any way.

Until there's a counter measure available from phpBB that can be installed and happen to work (...shouldn't be too much to ask...), I'll have to activate anyone who wishes to register (human or not) on a manual basis.
If anybody "out there" knows about such a mod for phpBB that is effective against bots, I'll be happy to know about it!

So please expect a delay between registration and activation. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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