I cant login as admin

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I cant login as admin

Postby somakumar on 27-11-2009 04:52

I installed Ampjuke 0.8.0 properly but I cant login as admin why? Your installation guide ;
This page not yet come when installed
Step 4 of 9: Saved configuration
A confirmation message is displayed if everything is ok.
Please take a look at the Special notes section at the bottom.

Please help me...
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Re: I cant login as admin

Postby Michael on 27-11-2009 09:34

Hi somakumar,

Welcome to the AmpJuke forum and thanks for posting.

Your problem seems to be related to permissions.
I'm not sure if you actually did follow the installation guide or not.
It here: http://www.ampjuke.org/install_ex.php.

If you did that, you should see the script complain about missing permissions.

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