5k time out

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5k time out

Postby skibit on 21-01-2010 19:01

I have tried several ways of updating my ampjuke data base to 20,000 songs, But I can only seem to get around 5,100 before the import says done.

I have tried different sets of music folders. And tried uploading different days. And tried getting rid of the last one it uploads, but no matter what I do it stops around 5,100. My only guess is the page is timing out? Or maxing something out?

Any ideas?
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Re: 5k time out

Postby Michael on 21-01-2010 21:44

Hi skibit,

Welcome to the AmpJuke forum and thanks for posting.

I'll skip the polite chit-chat and jump right to your questions since it's been a very long day. Hope you don't mind :wink:

I don't think there's a timeout. In the scanning there's a call to set_time_limit(0).
...unless, of course, your're running PHP in safe mode.

Something might be maxed out. F.ex. memory..
I assume 20k songs will be placed in a *lot* of different folders. Folders are read into memory (recursively, as far as I remember) and contents (i.e. music) within each folder is then scanned+imported.
So that's my best guess based on your post vs. # of songs.

A possible workaround (worked for a friend of mine who had a similar problem with his approx. 20k songs) is to do the old divide and conquer trick: Import in "chunks".
For example: Create a "music" folder and copy 4000-5000 tracks to "music" (naturally using subfolders etc. as you see fit). Run a scan+import to get them into the database. Copy another 4000-5000 tracks to "music" (again using/creating whatever subfolders you like). Run a scan+import again with a "Only scan+import tracks added after" setting (see FAQ about scan+import here). That way, you should avoid exhausting memory when scanning+importing your 20k tracks by dividing them up into in "chunks" of 4-5k...

Another - perhaps more simple - option would be to check your php.ini's setting in relation to memory_limit. Per default when PHP is installed, it's only 16MB as far as I know.

Hope some of this helps.
If not, please post an update (well...feel free to do so in any case).

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