Music are not scanned

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Music are not scanned

Postby virtue on 03-05-2010 04:41

:oops: :?:


I installed AmpJuke without a problem. I can access it but fine. The main problem that I am encountering right now is:

1. I scanned the music directory several times but the music are not appearing at all in my list of tracks, album whatsoever.
2. The folder has been chmod to be writable.

Please help.

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Re: Music are not scanned

Postby Michael on 06-05-2010 19:40

Hello virtue,

Welcome to the AmpJuke forum and thanks for posting.
Sorry about the late response, - I've been on vacation...
...without any internet connectivity whatsoever.

Based on your post, there might be some things to check:
I assume the installation is ok without any problems, right ?
If not, there's the installation example..

A common problem might be that you're not "pointing" to the right "Base" directory (i.e. where music is stored).
It's an absolute path, - f.ex.: /home/michael/music, without a trailing slash.

Another common problem - besides the absolute path above - is missing permissions.
If you do the installation "by the book" (see link to installation example above), AmpJuke will complain about missing permissions.

Hope some of this helps.
Please post an update if anything is unclear (well...feel free to do so in any case).

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