Ampjuke and Mediamonkey

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Ampjuke and Mediamonkey

Postby zelsis on 21-09-2010 17:26

Hi everybody,

first of all thanks for this great Jukebox which made it possible for me to listen to music collection while not at home.
I have the files on my NAS which is accessible on the internet and installed Ampjuke on a lighttpd server.

When I'm at home I use Mediamonkey to organise the collection, so I'd like to play the Ampjuke m3u files with it.
But Mediamonkey refuses to play the streamed files. It displays the playlist but won't play the music. Also no ID3 tags are shown.

So I installed Winamp and it works perfectly and fast.

Is this a problem of Ampjuke or MM?

Another thing: Is it possible to import all album covers from Currently this only happens when I open an album list with Ampjuke.
Bing is very unreliable and imported lots of wrong and completely rubbisg images.

Oh, and the captcha image from the registration process to this forum is extremely hard to read. It took me seven tries to get it right... :(
I suggest the phpbb3 plugin of which makes a captcha completely redundant. ;)

zelsis :)
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