Meta Data Wont download from Bing

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Meta Data Wont download from Bing

Postby simonboydfoley on 23-03-2011 22:18

Hi I have just installed the latest version of Ampjuke on a fresh Gentoo build.
Wen through the checks OK after install, bar a few niggly PHP 5.3.5 errors that I switched off in php.ini

Problem is ..... when pulling in meta data the scripts attempt to pull data from BING API and just hangs.

There are no log files to find out what is going wrong with the bing connection!

Does bing API need a hole punched in my firewall ?
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Re: Meta Data Wont download from Bing

Postby Michael on 28-03-2011 14:06

Hello Simon,

Welcome to the AmpJuke forum and thanks for posting.

I'm a little bit unsure if I can pinpoint what your problem seems to be.
I do not have difficulties using the Bing-thing: It suggests album covers and artist/performer images like it's supposed to when I click "Lookup a new image" and/or "Lookup a new cover". Besides the Bing-stuff I also get suggestions from, as expected.

A dumb suggestion would be that you've hit the limit when asking Bing...
...or - an even dumber suggestion - punched in a wrong API-key for Bing..

You're absolutely right that there's not anything logged in relation to what happens between AmpJuke and Bing.
However, the "bing_lib.php" file might be a good place to start to at least start to "echo" stuff to the screen within various places...

Hope some of this helps.

If not, please post an update (well...feel free to do so in any case).

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