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How to integrate joomla with ampjuke

PostPosted: 11-06-2008 19:22
by anil_mndl
I am planning to install amjuke for my personal website and my website runs on JOOMLA CMS. I was wondering if I can integrate Ampjuke with Joomla? If not at least use my Joomla User database to log in to Ampjuke so that my registered users can login to ampjuke using same username and password and not have to re-resister. Thanks in advance

PostPosted: 11-06-2008 20:55
by Michael
Hello anil_mndl,

Welcome to the AmpJuke forum and thanks for posting.

Integration with Joomla CMS..? What a great suggestion !
In the past, I have been thinking about integration of AmpJuke vs. a CMS, but since I don't run any websites containing a CMS myself, and since nobody asked for such a feature, I ended up dropping the idea back then.
In other words: there's no such thing right now.

But I'll promise to look into it soon and - if possible - post a "quick and dirty" solution in this thread.
In the long run (read: next release, 0.7.4; or perhaps a little later) I'll look more into a "solid" integration with Joomla (and possibly other CMS' as well).

Give me a little time, and I'll get back with some answers.


P.S. If you're not afraid to look into this yourself, and possibly get your hands a little dirty in some code, you might take a closer look at "loginvalidate.php" for the "quick & dirty" stuff.
Line 34-49 should be altered in some way:
Code: Select all
$connection=mysql_connect($db_host,$db_user,$db_password) or die('Could not connect.');
mysql_select_db($db_name) or die('Could not select database !');

// 0.3.7: Changed two statements from $HTTP_POST_VARS to $_POST.
// 0.7.2: Ensure we ONLY accept letters+numbers:
$user=ereg_replace('[^a-zA-Z0-9]', "", $_POST['login']);
$pw=ereg_replace('[^a-zA-Z0-9]', "", $_POST['password']);

$qry="SELECT * FROM user WHERE name='$user' AND password='$pw'";

// 0.6.7: Take table-prefixes into account:
if (isset($ampjuke_tbl_prefix)) {
   $qry=str_replace("FROM ", "FROM $ampjuke_tbl_prefix", $qry);
   or die('Could not select a username from the user-table. Have you installed AmpJuke correctly ?');

...but I'm not exactly sure exactly how right now...

PostPosted: 28-06-2008 08:06
by anil_mndl
I am a complete newbie on php script and in CMS.
What I was thinking as a quick solution is creating a small module that can be installed in joomla and that will simply call the ampjuke link. This was ampjuke can be integrated with joomla however, people would have to create seperate username and password for both joomla and amjuke.

PostPosted: 31-07-2008 08:14
by tonicgoofy
I would like to know what the joomla bridge or integration status is ? I tried to play around with some files, but without success, my limited knowledge didn't help it either.
I really think that by creating something that goes with joomla that would create a buzz around AmpJuke, because there are any good music manager that works with joomla.

PostPosted: 04-08-2008 10:33
by Michael
Hello tonicgoofy,

Welcome to the AmpJuke forum and thanks for posting.

To cut all the BS, and be completely honest: I haven't done anything in relation to this since last post.
But it's still a priority on the to-do list. At least in some kind of 'quick&dirty' solution in a version 1.

Since the holidays and (apparently) the summer is coming to and end here in Denmark, I'll probably be able to get my a** back in front of the screen and start working a little more on this, rather than my tan, in the foreseeable future :wink:


Re: How to integrate joomla with ampjuke

PostPosted: 05-06-2011 17:41
by mads

Is it still in your plans to integrate it with Joomla?

Best regards