Pick random tracks f.ex. using a specific favorite list and/or your entire music collection. AmpJuke can apply a "fair rotation" for random play. Read more.


About AmpJuke

The script is invented and developed by me, Michael H. Iversen, with the intention to enable a user to stream music from a central point to whatever location the user might be at.


AmpJuke is an abbreviation of Apache, MySQL, PHP and of course Juke is short for jukebox -> In total: AmpJuke.

If you want to support (apart from supplying/suggesting some code) there are some options available, - please see this FAQ-entry or visit the forum.


Thanks to everybody who downloads and uses AmpJuke. I'm quite sure that YOUR hits will keep on coming !


A special "thank you" goes to the GetID3() project. Without it, AmpJuke might not have existed.



Finally, thanks to some of the "bigger ones" w. brilliant API's and/or software that makes something like AmpJuke a possibility to offer for free:

The Echonest


Apache http server


PHP website