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Support / getting false request time after scan
« Last post by ricktee76 on 04-02-2016 00:17 »
When I scan for new tracks none are available to request immediately as the system says they have been requested within the last 6 hours (which i think is the default setting).
It looks like it's adding a timestamp, which file handles the insertion of the new tracks so i can either change the timestamp that looks at least -7 hours ago or zero.

Requests/suggestions / Re: hello, good application
« Last post by chve on 31-01-2016 16:38 »
Michael, you can offer me information on the structure of contents, that content close tables and cells. I have read that you use the structure GetSimple cms, but i don't know.  ;)

Requests/suggestions / hello, good application
« Last post by chve on 25-01-2016 16:25 »
Good application to local network, the jukebox mode works really well together VLC. I like, but you need a theme 100% responsive.  :-\

// 0.8.5: Avoid "not-installed-stuff":
if (!file_exists('db.php')) {
   echo 'It seems like you have not <b>installed</b> AmpJuke, yet.<br>';
   echo 'If that is true, you might try <a href="./">this link</a>.<br>';
   echo 'Please note there is a complete step-by-step installation guide <a href="">right here</a> (opens in a new window/tab.';
// 0.7.2: Generate the uuid:
function make_uuid($prefix) {
    $chars = md5(uniqid(rand()));
    $uuid  = substr($chars,0,8) . '-';
    $uuid .= substr($chars,8,4) . '-';
    $uuid .= substr($chars,12,4) . '-';
    $uuid .= substr($chars,16,4) . '-';
    $uuid .= substr($chars,20,12);
    return $prefix . $uuid;
require("db.php"); // 0.7.7: Moved here -> banned_ip's are now configurable:

// 0.7.5: Ban IP if number of failed login attempts is higher than X.
// 0.7.7: Only ban if enabled
if ((isset($max_failed_login_enabled)) && ($max_failed_login_enabled=='1')) {
   if (file_exists('./tmp/banned_ips.txt')) {
      $handle=fopen('./tmp/banned_ips.txt', 'r');
      while (!feof($handle)) {
         if (trim($line)==trim($_SERVER["REMOTE_ADDR"])) {
      if ($count>$max_failed_login_attempts) {
         die('Sorry, too many wrong login attempts. IP-address is banned.');

// 0.6.3: Remember login ?? Don't display anything - simply redirect right away:
// 0.8.1: ...but ONLY if "login_hide_keep_me_signed_in" isn't set:
if ((isset($_COOKIE['ampjuke_remember_all'])) && ((!isset($login_hide_keep_me_signed_in)) || ($login_hide_keep_me_signed_in<>'1'))) {
   echo '<form name="login" method="POST" action="loginvalidate.php">';
   echo '<input type="text" name="login" value="'.$def_navn.'">';
   echo '<input type="password" name="password" value="'.$def_pass.'">';
   echo '<input type="hidden" name="remember_login" value="1">';
   echo '<input type="hidden" name="saved_url_params" value="'.$_SERVER["QUERY_STRING"].'">';

   // 0.7.2: Create temporary file, so loginvalidate.php knows we were here:
    $uuid  = './tmp/'.make_uuid('').'.tmp';
    echo '<input type="hidden" name="uuid" value="'.$uuid.'">';
   print '<script language="JavaScript"> document.login.submit(); </script>';
// 0.6.1: Login.php now uses css-definitions to ease customization of the loginpage.
<!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.0 Transitional//EN">
<meta charset="UTF-8">
<meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1">
<title>AmpJuke - Login</title>
<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="./bootstrap/css/bootstrap.min.css">
<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="./ampstyles_responsive.css">
<div class="container">
<h3 align="center"><font color="red">Please turn on JavaScript - AmpJuke relies on it</h3>
 <div class="logo_img">
  <img src="./ampjukeicons/ampjuke_login.jpg" class="img-responsive" alt="AmpJuke Jukebox">

 <form role="form" name="login" method="POST" action="loginvalidate.php">
// Create temporary file, so loginvalidate.php knows we were here (-> attempt to avoid POSTing from remote site):
$uuid  = './tmp/'.make_uuid('').'.tmp';
echo '<input type="hidden" name="uuid" value="'.$uuid.'">';
  <div class="form-group">
    <label for="usuario">USUARIO</label>
    <input type="text" name="login" tabindex=1 class="form-control" id="usuario"
           placeholder="Introduce tu nombre de Usuario">
if (isset($demo)) { echo ' <i>Demo, - use: <b>ampjuke</b></i>'; }
// 0.8.4: User-registration enabled ?
if ((isset($user_reg_enabled)) && ($user_reg_enabled==1)) {
   echo '<a href="./userreg.php?act=new&uuid='.str_replace('./tmp/','',$uuid);
   echo '">'.$user_reg_display_text.'</a>';

  <div class="form-group">
    <label for="pass">CONTRASEÑA</label>
    <input type="password" name="password" tabindex=2 class="form-control" id="pass"
           placeholder="Introduce tu Contraseña">
if (isset($demo)) { echo ' <i>Demo, - use: <b>ampjuke</b></i>'; }
// 0.8.4: Enable retrieval of password ?
if ((isset($enable_email_with_lost_password)) && ($enable_email_with_lost_password==1)) {
   echo '<a href="./userreg.php?act=forgot_passwd&uuid='.str_replace('./tmp/','',$uuid).'">';
   echo $enable_email_with_lost_password_text.'</a>';
<!-- 0.6.3: New, AmpJuke offers "Keep me logged in" -->
// 0.8.1: This is always displayed, UNLESS 'Hide "Keep me signed in"' is configured in miscellaneous sttings:
if ((!isset($login_hide_keep_me_signed_in)) || ($login_hide_keep_me_signed_in<>'1')) {
  echo '<div class="checkbox">';
  echo '<p>Activa esta casilla para ser Recordado.</p>';
  echo '<label>';
  echo '<input type="checkbox" name="remember_login" tabindex=3> Activo durante 2 Semanas si no deslogeas.';
  echo '</label>';
  echo '</div>';   

  <button type="submit" name="Submit" class="btn btn-default" tabindex=4>ACCEDER</button>


NOTE: Do _not_ remove the link to the AmpJuke site below.

Michael H. Iversen. -->

 <p class="text-right">
  <a href="" target="_blank">AmpJuke Version 0.8.8</a>

if (isset($demo)) {
   echo '<p class="text-center"><a href=""><h4> <-- Return to homepage </h4></a></p>';

print '<form name="login_anonymous" method="POST" action="loginvalidate.php">';
if (isset($allow_anonymous) && ($allow_anonymous==1)) {
   echo '<p class="text-center"><br><hr><br>';
   echo '<input type="hidden" name="login" value="anonymous">';
   echo '<input type="hidden" name="password" value="anonymous">';
    echo '<input type="hidden" name="uuid" value="'.$uuid.'">'; // 0.7.3   
   echo '<input type="submit" name="Submit" value="Login Anonimo (Invitado)" ';
   echo '</p>';

echo '</div>';
print '<script language="JavaScript"> document.forms[0].login.focus(); </script>';

.logo_img {
   width: 307px;
        margin: 5% auto 10% auto;
   border: 0;

Support / upload not working
« Last post by beatunes on 09-12-2015 18:09 »
hi upload is nott working. after i uploaded a few tracks and went to see if they were showing i found they were not found. can you help me with this issue
Support / file non found
« Last post by torak80 on 03-04-2015 23:05 »
Good evening everyone
I copied the files of ampjuke on a server via FTP, in the configuration I set the item Location of program files & your music - "Base" folder where your music files are located: OA folder / music this folder is in the root server.

I copied the folder of mp3 files but when I do the scan does not find any file.

someone would know give me directions?

thank you all for your cooperation

Support / Re: Unable to save configuration
« Last post by Fraz001 on 04-11-2014 07:19 »
I am unable to save my configuration file, too.  Suggestions are greatly appreciated.
i have tried the actual version of ampjuke (0.8.8 ) and hoped this is fixed but nothing changed. What i mean is that ampjuke scrobbles fine, but only the artist and the name of the track. the name of the album is missing so that no cover is shown on lastfm. The information posted to lastfm only ist trackname,artist and the length of the track. This information comes from stream.php. It would be nice to fix this in future Versions because ampjuke ist a really nice tool for me. 
Support / Scan+Import Issue
« Last post by camoril on 06-09-2014 15:46 »
I0've been using ampjuke for several years and i0ve neved had this problem.

when importing my music i notices it just stops at a certain folder everytime, i've tried to change permissions, query size, cache size and so on but it just keeps happening.

Scan+import stops the routine at the same folder which means i can't get past this folder so my music is incomplete..

any suggestions?

using latest ampjuke 0.8.8
i recently noticed this issue.

some of my albums with special characters just won't scrobble (á,é,í,etc)

i've changed to ISO on ampuke and  mysql to resolve the issue

Support / Re: My sql no connec
« Last post by camoril on 06-09-2014 15:32 »
First of all i can see you haven't created a database for ampuke .. you need to create a database and a user for this database then install ampjuke.

The ampjuke setup script creates and populates tables on the designated database so you don't need to change siteCfg.php manually.

if you have any problems please let us know.

i have my online ampuke at :

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