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Support / My sql no connec
« Last post by Menorah on 06-05-2014 22:57 »
Hey, maybe I have the problem of what I can not create my database, follow all steps of the tutorial, the user name, password, etc, are fine.
Here I leave a screenshot:

I clarify that I have no other database installed on my host.
I also imported in my "phpMyAdmin" panel the file "db_new.sql" and mark me the following error:

Please someone help me, as I would like to install.
Support / No Jukebox Playback Options Work??
« Last post by TheJester1977 on 04-04-2014 14:38 »
Hi folks.  I'm new to the AmpJuke world, having just learned of it yesterday.  I installed it and ran through the steps to import music as well as turn on jukebox mode and configure it per the documentation.  However, no playback options work...

:: Using the m3u link, I get nothing from VLC and an error from Windows Media Player
:: Trying to connect to my stream URL produces the same - nothing from VLC, error in WMP

Here's my setup info...

Server name: OgreOdor
AmpJuke URL: http://ogreodor.rainbow.pvt:8008/ampjuke/
Operating System: Ubuntu 12.04

Jukebox Mode: Enabled
URL: http://ogreodor.rainbow.pvt:8008/ampjuke/mine.mp3
Jukebox Username: admin

I notice on my machine that the "mine.mp3" doesn't exist anywhere.

Any pointers?  All help very appreciated!!

Support / Admin Login issues
« Last post by BRANDON on 04-03-2014 01:07 »
when trying to login on the login page after installation i get this error. when i try to use the user name and pass given to me in the installation faq this is what i get below:

Sorry. Cannot validate username+password. Please login again

or i get this also:

Deprecated: Function ereg_replace() is deprecated in /home/?/public_html/loginvalidate.php on line 88 Deprecated: Function ereg_replace() is deprecated in /home/?/public_html/loginvalidate.php on line 89 Could not select a username from the user-table: SELECT * FROM user WHERE name='Admin'

(took out some of the path for security reasons)
Can you please help me????  :)
Hi, i have Ampjuke installed. After a while of configuration everything functions well.
But i want to scrobble my music to via Ampjuke. That works fine too except the Album-Information.
Can anyone explain why or tell me what to do ?

Support / Jukebox Mode
« Last post by 1blackhand1 on 24-01-2014 17:23 »
I'm having a brain malfunction, I'm sure... But when I load into jukebox mode in the configuration page... I have no idea what link to use so users can click and stream the jukebox. I don't see anything in the documentation other than,   " Use this URL for the message above (on the "Welcome" page):  Is an optional link for the previous message."

(The URL can be something like this example:

My Config page..

Display this message on the "Welcome" page:   <h3>Jukebox mode: Click here to start listening!</h3>

Use this URL for the message above (on the "Welcome" page):   ***I Have No clue What To Make This Link***
Support / Unable to save configuration
« Last post by kevin on 18-01-2014 02:18 »
When i change settings in configuration page, i always get this message when i push on save and continue,


You don't have permission to access /music/sitecfg.php on this server.

Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.

i have erase everything then make a new installation, i even ty it on another web server, and i always got this...

probably just a stupid error, but i don't find anything.

Support / Streaming online
« Last post by svehex on 10-01-2014 19:43 »
I've installed AmpJuke, and set it up in Jukebox mode. But I'm kind of stumped as to how to make it available to my listeners.

I also need to be able to set up a queue for every show, and link to that particular queue.

As it is now, the click here to listen link doesn't work, because I have nothing to put in it, since I'm not going to be streaming from VLC.

Anyone who listens via the m3u file, can hear music streaming, but I don't know if they're listening to the entire library, or just the queue I set up.

Anyone who tries to access ampjuke via web, can't listen, since the listen here link doesn't work, and they need a login to get there.
I'd prefer not to use anonymous login, because the theme changes every time they log in. The branding is lost.
If they have to log in to listen, I'm afraid they'll go somewhere else for their radio preferencnes. I need to be able to let them listen to the stream online, without logging in at all.

If there's a way to change the url from "" to for example "" I'd love to know that as well.
Support / How to select player ?
« Last post by kara on 02-09-2013 10:15 »
Hi all,

First : good news .. I installed Ampjuke on an Odroid-X2 running a debian wheezy  and it works !

However, as Flashplayer doesn't run on ARM machines (I suppose, due to AMR GPU limitations), everything is played through XINE which is very heavy for just playing an mp3 song !!
Therefore my questions :
 * Is ampjuke able to call MPD or MOC to play music files ?
 * How to configue it ? ( I didn't see anything about that in the config screen)
 * More generally : how to select a default music player ? ( does it go through the default player of the webbrowser? )

Anyhelp is welcome . Thanks   :-)
Hacks, tips & tricks / Re: SMF integrated
« Last post by Michael on 31-08-2013 10:54 »
Hi ricktee76,

Amazing! This looks very promising.

Please post an update if/when you're a little closer to 100%.


P.S. Yep - you posted in the right place :)
Hacks, tips & tricks / SMF integrated
« Last post by ricktee76 on 30-08-2013 23:20 »
I've been working on integrating Ampjuke into SMF 2.0, i'd say 95% of the functionality is working perfectly so far.

I've posted some screenshots, still a little untidy but i'm prioritising getting it to work before i make it look a little better.

Wasn't sure where to post this sorry if its in the wrong place..
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